Submariner Breathable Rubber Strap & AK End Link
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Japan Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Breathable Rubber Strap special designed for Submariner

Steel : #14060 , #16800 , #16610 , #16610LV , #116610 , #116610LV , #116610LN , #114060

Steel-Gold : #16613 , #16613T , #116613 , #116613LN

Yellow Gold : #16618 ,  #116618 , #116618LN

~~ This is second strap for your Rolex;

~~ It can bring superior unique taste for you and bring you the feeling of lightness, softness, comfortable;

20/16mm Breathable Rubber Strap :

~ Made from Japan medical grade hypoallergenic silicone material.

~ Fulfils FDA specifications, non toxic, non allergen and antimicrobial.

~ Substantial strengthen overall stress resistance, while moderate supple, flexible and comfort.

~ UV ray resistant, abrasive resistant, resistant dirt & dust and very durable.

~ The rare breathable design makes users incredibly comfortable.

~ Perfect streamlined shape.

This outstanding Rubber Strap always provided an unprecedented awesome experience for you.

~ Strap Color : 7 color 

Space Black / Steel Gray / Sea Blue / Forest Green / Cherry Red / Flame Orange / Cloud White

We offering your Rolex a whole new experience in exploring for more. Sometimes, you will not use the original Rolex stainless steel bracelet again.

***this item is not included any Watch and Clasp / Buckle.

You can select below special price accessories to combine shipment :

AK End Link :

We designed this shoulder protection component for the legend level of Rolex and we named it " Armor of the King" AK End Link.

~ Made by Swiss top quality 904L stainless steel.

~ Finest 18K gold plating, it can last 10 years lifetime.

~ Each piece is made by the Switzerland precise Computer Numerical Control machine and meticulously handcrafted polished.

***this item is not included any watch and Clasp.

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