GMT-Master Genuine Shark Leather Strap & AK End Link
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The Outstanding Australia Genuine Shark Skin / Leather Strap perfect fits Rolex GMT-Master

Model number of GMT-Master

Steel : #1675 , #16700

Steel-Gold : #16713 , #16753

Yellow Gold : #16758

Model number of GMT-Master II

Steel : #16760 , #16710 , #116710 , #116710LN

Steel-Gold : #16213 , #116713

Steel-Rose Gold : #116711

Yellow Gold : #16718 , #116718LN

~~ This is second strap for your Rolex;

~~ It can bring superior unique taste for you and bring you the feeling of lightness, softness, comfortable;

20/16mm Genuine Shark Skin / Leather Strap :

~ Made by The Outstanding Australia Genuine Shark Skin 

~ Strap Color : 3 color - Rock Black / Cocoa Brown / Rust Brown 

We offering your Rolex a whole new experience in exploring for more. 

Sometimes, you will not use the original Rolex stainless steel bracelet again.

OfficialTime Leather Straps and AK End Links exact fit original Rolex Clasp.

***this item is not included any Watch and Clasp / Buckle.

You can select below special price accessories to combine shipment :

AK End Link :

We designed this shoulder protection component for the legend level of Rolex and we named it " Armor of the King" AK End Link.

~ Made by Swiss top quality 904L stainless steel.

~ Finest 18K gold plating, it can last 10 years lifetime.

~ Each piece is made by the Switzerland precise Computer Numerical Control machine and meticulously handcrafted polished.

***this item is not included any Watch and Clasp.

How to install the AK End Link and Rubber Strap to the Rolex ?

How excellent is the anti-stain feature of the OfficialTime Rubber Strap ?

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