GMT-Master II AK End Link
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OfficialTime AK End Link for GMT-Master II

Steel : #16760 , #16710 , #116710 , #116710LN

Steel-Gold : #16213 , #116713

Steel-Rose Gold : #116711

Yellow Gold : #16718 , #116718LN

We designed this shoulder protection component for the legend level of Rolex and we named it " Armor of the King" AK End Link.

~ Made by Swiss top quality 904L stainless steel.

~ Finest 18K gold plating, it can last 10 years lifetime.

~ Each piece is made by the Switzerland precise Computer Numerical Control machine and meticulously handcrafted polished.

OfficialTime AK End Link and Strap are the perfect value-added combinations specially designed for your Rolex.

***this item is not included any Watch and Clasp / Buckle.

How to install the AK End Link and Rubber Strap to the Rolex ?

How to remove Rolex bracelet easily ?

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